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Please contact us for Pro deal pricing and eligibility


Welcome to the Team Paketa Pro-deal order page. You have been chosen as a recipient for our pro-deal pricing because of your influence in the cycling community. By completing this form you agree to the terms stated here. Pro deals are limited to two bikes per year, per person. Pro deals are to be used for personal bikes only. You may NOT purchase bikes for anyone other than yourself. Bikes purchased through a pro deal may not be resold within 7 months of purchase date. Paketa may send cosmetic blem frames to fulfill pro deals. Frames purchased through a pro-deal are covered by a 3 year limited warranty. Frames sent as a warranty replacement will not be covered under the warranty.

Riders who purchase a frame through a pro deal will be required to promote Paketa cycles in a positive way in their cycling community. This includes, blog posts, product reviews, you tube posts, facebook posts, my space posts, cycling forum posts, photo promotions, etc. Riders also need to send photos to Paketa of their bike in action for use in our website and marketing materials. Please send us links when you post or write anything about your bike.

Paketa Cycles will review this application for approval. We will contact your team manager to verify membership. If approved, we will contact you about frame specifics. If not approved, your deposit will be refunded or you may apply the deposit to a retail priced bike.

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