Lightweight, high performance travel tandem bicycles

NEW! The Paketa D2 and D2r racing travel tandems are equipped with custom made S&S couplings for easy take apart and travel. Now you can ride a lightweight Paketa magnesium racing tandem anywhere in the world!  

The long wait is over: an S&S coupled version of the venerable Paketa magnesium V2 and V2r tandems are now available!! The name derives from the great French “constructeur” take-apart (“Demontable” in French) bikes of the 1940’s-1970’s, including Rene Herse and Alex Singer, from whom the inspiration for the very first Paketa tandem was drawn. We call ours the “Demon2ble,” or “D2” for short. Nothing else comes close.

D2 magnesium travel tandem – racing and recreational performance riding

  • Travel version of our famous V2 racing tandem –
  • Left side transfer drive
  • Custom S&S couplings for easy travel

D2r magnesium travel tandem – high performance racing

  • Travel version of our famous V2r racing tandem –
  • Right side transfer drive
  • Custom S&S couplings for easy travel
  • Super light weight
  • Any road bike 130bcd crank can be used for lighter weight and greater versatility
  • Custom yoke adds stiffness and performance while accommodating right side belt transfer
  • 44/44mm straight headtube allows use of tapered forks and headsets

Working closely with S&S, the team at Paketa have come up with the next logical progression in high-performance tandems, this time aimed squarely at the wanderer in all of us. Even as a daily rider, it’s still head and shoulders above anything else on the market except our own V2/V2r, and if you only have one tandem, this is it. As a travel tandem, it is simply without parallel. The weight difference is about three pounds vs. our industry-leading V2 or V2r design, creating the possibility of a sub-25 lb. travel tandem that packs into regulation-sized airline cases. The design philosophy is simple: no compromise! We’ve stuck with our standard, oversized magnesium tubing to ensure that the all of the stiffness, responsiveness, and exceptionally smooth ride of the V2 is preserved while still keeping the weight low and durability high. In order to realize this, we’ve specified custom-sized titanium S&S couplings, and the engineers at S&S have come through brilliantly with a novel concept aesthetically integrated with the frame profile (shown below) while providing all of the strength and durability S and S is known for.

Because of the innovative “compact open” low-top-tube design, frame sizes become almost irrelevant. Standover height is ample for almost anybody front or rear, and with a 72.5 cm (28.5”) stoker top tube you’ll never hear any complaints of cramped rear quarters. A quality adjustable stoker stem helps to fine tune the fit of the stoker. Our travel tandems are available with custom geometry or in a small, medium, large, and extra-large with different length captains top tubes. Captain’s top tubes are customizeable to the 1/2 centimeter. We can make a suggestion based on your measurements, or you can have us match your existing tandem or single bike. Our standard sizing goes as follows: Small: 54 cm, Medium: 56cm, Large: 58cm, XL: 61cm.

**we do NOT retrofit couplers into existing frames**

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