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Paketa Reviews and Testimonials “Hello and just a quick note to say we have been on the V2r for a few months now, and we are riding the perfect tandem! This is by far the best tandem we have ridden. Previous tandems owned were a Paketa V2, Calfee, Burley, and we still have a Co-Motion Supremo that is currently idle. The bike is very close to the V2, but it rides closer to a single bike, plus a little lighter with the single bike parts. Visually it is much cleaner with the right side drive. It is very responsive and efficient while pedaling. You don’t feel the internal torque in the bars and across the tires contact patch. The bike is completely stable at any speed and tracks on rails. The smoothness vs stiffness does not make sense, as if they are incompatible with each other, but yet they are both present in the ride. Great job”- Trey

“It [our V2r; dubbed the ‘Hot Tamale’] is the fastest, best handling and most comfortable bike we ride.We now have about 6000 miles, maybe more on the Hot Tamale.” –Chuck & Lisa

“We have been destroying our local fast group ride with the V2r. The Hed H3s and aerobars are a deadly combo. People hate us. We love it!” –Rick & Anne

“My wife and I have been riding performance tandems for 22 years, on nearly a dozen high-end brands [Calfee, CK2, Co-Motion, Santana, Cannondale, Fisher, Teesdale, etc.]. Our new Paketa is hands down the best tandem we have ever ridden. Light, stiff, stable, with a velvety ride. In just the first season with our Paketa, my wife and I set the goal of climbing the top ten paved passes in North America, all here in Colorado. Each pass was a 50 to 120 mile day, and required us to complete a summer season with over 100,000 feet of climbing [both training and the passes]. While we made the choice to get a Paketa not for racing, we found the performance of our Paketa tandem not only made the achievement of our goal possible, this was the most fun year we have ever had riding. The Paketa is a joy to climb with, we were inspired by the bike, and it performed flawlessly!” — Andy

I want to personally thank you both for an incredible opportunity & phenomenal memories. The Paketa was so fast; so much fun to race. And, as a result of having such superior equipment, Steve and I flew through that TT course at Master’s Nationals, winning a gold medal. That will always be an epic event in my life!  — Beth Graff – Gold Medalist, US Master’s National Championships, Mixed Tandem 110+ Time Trial

Well it’s truly our pleasure to ride the V2  because we think the bike is a remarkable piece of engineering & use of a VERY misunderstood/underappreciated material.  The combination of magnesium with the Topolino wheels produces what I believe is an unparalleled ride-ability with all the correct characteristics (lively, vibration damping, stiff, responsive …) While the old saw that “it’s the motor(s), not the bike” is mostly true,  this bike just flat out  DOES make us faster, especially when jumping/sprinting/accelerating & climbing.  We love this bike . — Dan & Dolores Coughlin

So took the Scud out for its inaugural ride Sunday AM.  Have a little 30 mile blast to a local Starbucks and back which I can squeeze in before Church on Sunday mornings.  This bike is ridiculous!!  On all the bad sections of road, where the Litespeed gets “squirmy”, this bike just bombs through like it’s on rails.  It’s cruel that I’m out of town this week.  Can’t wait for ride #2 now that I’ve done some final adjustments to the setup.  Haven’t used the PowerTap yet.  Waiting on a cassette for those wheels. — Hayden

My wife and I have been riding tandems since 1985, and over the years have owned 10 different tandems.   The Paketa was a revelation.   Riding a bike this light makes acceleration a delight, and also makes climbing so much more fun.    We were hoping for these traits and we got them.   But the real surprise came with the wonderful combination of stiffness  and compliance.  The Paketa is stiff  enough to allow easy stands for both of us on steep ascents, and pleasantly compliant enough for the stoker on rough roads.

I just received my new Paketa Magnesium bike and it simply rules! The characteristics of Mg are that of carbon, titanium, steel and aluminum materials rolled into one super light bike. It has the dampening qualities of Carbon but doesn’t feel dead; it has the comfort of titanium and steel but is way lighter and it has the agility of aluminum but stronger (due to thicker tube walls). Paketa did a beautiful thing. I just thought I would pass along to fellow cyclists. Later, I’m heading out and doing a century.

I’ve already had several unsolicited inquiries on the road from cyclists about how I like the magnesium- during training rides, and again yesterday, while warming up for a crit at the State Patrol venue in Golden. I always tell them the same thing…that the bikes are everything positive that they may have heard about, only more so! After my first race on it yesterday, I am even happier with the Paketa than I was before. It raced stiff and lively, snappy, but very precisely controllable.  It gave me a great deal of confidence on the course.  Bottom line-I am extremely proud to be racing on a Paketa, and I’m sure everyone else on RMRC feels the same way. We’ll keep passing the good word!  — Jeff Hammond Rocky Mountain Road Club

Hey guys, this is Ted Fisher, whom you so awesomely sold one of your bikes last November.  This fall, I was helping a friend replace the pads on his motorcycle brakes in a garage, and he dropped his motorcycle on my Paketa!  My friend was appalled and offered to buy me a new bike.  We lifted the bike off my bike and took a look.  Somehow, it survived unscathed except for a tiny bit of scratched decal on the logo on the downtube (still legible).  Talk about dent resistant!  Anyway, the bike is still treating me well.  I’ve been riding it daily since I bought it, except for about a week when I broke my collarbone June 2006 (and about 3 weeks of riding it one-handed after that).  This winter’s been a true test.  That first big storm on 20 Dec, I could get off the bike and it would stay standing upright! I’m now working at NIST here in Boulder on an atomic gyroscope, and also attending classes at CU.  I try to park it prominently at both (though up at CU I U-lock it and cable lock the wheels). The XT stuff has treated me very well.  I seldom have had to adjust the dérailleurs.  The disks are vital and way easier to deal with than even my old XT v-brakes (which are a huge improvement over non-articulated v-brakes, and cantilevers are right out).  The combo break/shifter levers have never shifted while I was breaking, as the range of motion seems to be separated enough that they’re two independent channels from the same lever.  Also, in a wreck, I’ve found that what would have bent or broken a break lever merely causes a shifted gear.  I have replaced the chain, that dérailleur hanger, and the tires (which I wore smooth, and am running slime tubes due to those accursed goat-head thorn weeds that have infested the area). Everything about that beast of a bike says longevity and performance under harsh treatment.  Thanks again for the hookup, and best of luck getting more of them on and off the road!  — Ted

Hi Dave – We love the tandem;  it’s very responsive on the hills. Thanks!  — Greg Rancourt

Guys – Just wanted to let you know that I raced the new Paketa in Golden this morning at the Tokyo Joe’s Crit.  I wasn’t originally going to race the new bike this morning because I have only done 2 training rides on it so far, but I woke up and said what the heck.  Glad I did. The ride is so smooth and it is much stiffer than my older model Trek carbon bike. The power put into the pedals seemed to drive the bike foward easily with little wasted effort, which helped me save energy since I was racing in 2 separate groups this morning, SM4 and 35+ 4’s back to back.  I placed 8th and 6th and while they weren’t W’s, the results weren’t too bad for my third time riding the bike. Thanks for a great product and I look forward to riding my new ‘Rocket’ to better and better results. — Dave

Excellent job in the TTT, I hope you guys had fun out there! — Jim

Thanks for getting the bike dialed in during the build, I haven’t tweeked anything and the fit is dead on.  — Thanks again – Sargent

Hi Dave – Yeah, the bike is good.  I’ve been enjoying riding it.  Built it up with Dura-Ace, Ksyrium SL wheels and an SRM.  Has been great so far (knock on wood).  Total weight is about 17.5 lbs.  Definitely a good ride.  Can tell there’s some road noise absorption, but don’t feel like it’s soft when it comes to putting power to it.  Stiff on one hand, supple on the other – nice combination.  Hope to do the USAFA Road Race this weekend, then use it for the Haystack TTT the following Saturday, then Gila. Raced one of the Stazio crits and the Koppenburg Circuit.  Felt good (the bike and personally).  Hope to continue to improve and have a good outing at Gila.  Sargent and Lee showed off their bikes at last nights team meeting.  Very nice. — Bruce

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