Paketa V2r Design Raises the Bar for High-Performance Racing Tandems

The award winning V2r has continued to be the fastest tandem on the road. With over 13 medals earned at Nationals in 2013, the V2r keeps proving itself everyday!

Why is the V2r the absolute best racing tandem on the market? To start, the V2r is the lightest, stiffest, and smoothest riding tandem in the world. It’s unique design allows for the transfer belt drive to be mounted on the right side, making it extremely versatile with modern components. Crossover drive left-side transfer chains (or belts, more recently) are the product of bicycle evolution, which graduated from single drive chain rings to double, and then triple, chain rings for the main drive to provide wide-range gearing for a variety of riding conditions. Triple chain rings take up so much space on the right side that there’s no room left for the transfer ‘rings or sprockets; hence, designers moved the transfer drive to the left side where space was plentiful. But, with that comes several inherent disadvantages:

Advantages of the V2r with right side timing belt drive. 

  • Any road bike crankset can be used which adds a lot of versatility and weight savings.
  • Road bike cranks only have a spider on one side, so weight is reduced. Typically we can save over a pound on a V2r.
  • Having the transfer belt drive on the right reduces the loads on the bottom bracket, providing more durability and better component lifetime.
  • The V2r has a super clean aesthetic since all of the drive train parts are located on one side.

The Paketa V2r tandem (patent pending) eliminates all of these problems in one elegant, integrated, and game-changing design. By mounting the transfer drive sprocket on the same crank spider, behind the main drive sprockets in the rear, all of the disadvantages of the conventional left-side-drive design are eliminated. Conventional single-bike cranks can be used for both the captain’s and stoker’s cranks, for starters. This allows the use of almost any crank, including state-of-the-art light weight carbon cranks, of any crank length to suit either rider. Because the bearing and axle bending loads are no higher than on a single bike, there’s no stiffness or durability penalty for using the very lightest single-bike cranks available—note the Zipp™ carbon cranks on the V2r in the photos. The transfer drive (Gates Carbon Drive™ belt system shown) is mounted far inboard on the right side, which also reduces frame bending in the boom tube under hard pedaling. Even all-out sprints by the strongest riders won’t cause frame “whip” and the unpredictable handling that results.

Because of the innovative “compact open” low-top-tube design, frame sizes become almost irrelevant. Standover height is ample for almost anybody front or rear, and with a 72.5 cm (28.5”) stoker top tube you’ll never hear any complaints of cramped rear quarters. A quality adjustable stoker stem helps to fine tune the fit of the stoker. The V2 is available in a small, medium, large, and extra-large with different length captains top tubes. Captain’s top tubes are customizeable to the 1/2 centimeter. We can make a suggestion based on your measurements, or you can have us match your existing tandem or single bike. Our standard sizing goes as follows: Small: 54 cm, Medium: 56cm, Large: 58cm, XL: 61cm.

“Hello and just a quick note to say we have been on the V2r for a few months now, and we are riding the perfect tandem! This is by far the best tandem we have ridden. Previous tandems owned were a Paketa V2, Calfee, Burley, and we still have a Co-Motion Supremo that is currently idle. The bike is very close to the V2, but it rides closer to a single bike, plus a little lighter with the single bike parts. Visually it is much cleaner with the right side drive. It is very responsive and efficient while pedaling. You don’t feel the internal torque in the bars and across the tires contact patch. The bike is completely stable at any speed and tracks on rails. The smoothness vs stiffness does not make sense, as if they are incompatible with each other, but yet they are both present in the ride. Great job!”- Trey  

Paketa V2r Frame: $8195
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • NAHBS Best in Show Bike: Best Alternative Material – 2012
  • Price is for frame only.
  • Transfer Belt drive located on right side inboard of drive chainrings
  • Almost any road bike crank can be used for ultimate weight savings.
  • Wide choice of crank lengths
  • Improved frame and bottom bracket stiffness and durability
  • Optimal combination of 2X10 or 2×11 gearing
  • Low gearing with double-ring shifting precision
  • 44/44mm headtube new for 2012
  • Tapered or Straight steer tube compatible
  • 1.125″ straight steerer with fully inset headset.
  • 1.25″ or 1.5″ tapered headtube with top inset and bottom external headset
  • Optional BB30 rear bottom bracket – $250 upgrade
  • Innovative yoke design – transfer drive inside main-drive chain rings
  • Weight savings: about 1 lb. (454 grams) vs. industry-leading V2!
  • Complete Bikes as low as 21 pounds!
  • Drivetrain design patent pending – a Paketa exclusive
  • Time Trial setups available
  • Custom color options available. Single color included with frame. Multi colors are extra.
  • Complete bikes available. we can get almost any components on the market

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