Paketa Ultra Light Road Racing Bicycles

The road racing bicycle of your dreams!
Paketa Ultra Light Road Racing Bicycles

Rocket: Superlight Race Scud: Long Distance Race Rocket Venus: Women’s Specific race
 Paketa Rocket Super Light Road Racing Bicycle Paketa Scud Long Distance Road Racing Bicycle lady rocket women's racing road bicycle
 Custom Fitting  Custom Paint
 Component Packages  Materials Specifications

Paketa’s custom magnesium road racing bicycle frames are light, stiff, and fast! Aerospace engineering enters into the double-butted, bi-ovalized, and aero-shaped downtubes. Thousands of road kilometers determined Paketa’s exclusive frame geometry, and years of experience have gone into perfecting the proprietary manufacturing processes.

All this adds up to one thing: A bicycle frame light enough for the high mountains, aero enough for solo breakaways, and stiff enough for bunch sprints. Throw in the “X”-Factor (magnesium’s unique ability to tame road shock and vibration), and now you’ve got the freshest legs in the peloton!

We have three frame models for our line of road bikes, the Rocket, the Rocket Venus, and the Scud. The Rocket is the superlight racing model, the Venus is our women’s specific bike, and the Scud is stiffer and stronger for heavier riders or those looking for a more durable bike.  

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