Paketa Scud Custom Magnesium Road Bike

Long distance comfort and durability

The Scud is our most versatile bike yet. We designed this bike to be a fast racing machine for larger riders as well as a smooth and durable ride for expert recreational cyclists. The Scud takes all of the great characteristics of the Rocket to the next level. The beefier ovalized downtube and top tube create more lateral and torsional stiffness and increases the durability of the front end. The large oval seatstays and chainstays strengthen and stiffen the rear end, and the sweeping chainstay design helps to provide more damping in the rear of the bike. The added stiffness and damping help to keep you in control in fast tight turns, so you can always cut to the inside and take the straightaway. Magnesium’s unique vibration damping ability is multiplied with the Scud due to the extra material. That means you get an even stiffer frame than the Rocket with a smoother ride.

There is a small amount of weight gain with the added material, but a frame still weigh’s in under 4lbs. If you are looking for a light and fast bike with an amazing ride, the Scud will not only surprise you, it will impress you and everyone that sees your bike. Order yours today and see why Paketa makes the best bikes in the world.

“I raced the new Paketa this morning. Glad I did. The ride is so smooth and it is much stiffer than my older model Trek carbon bike. The power put into the pedals seemed to drive the bike foward easily with little wasted effort, which helped me save energy since I was racing in 2 separate groups this morning.”

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