Paketa Custom Colors

Choose one, two, three, or four color custom paint jobs
 Paketa Cycles believes in providing you with the exact bike you want. That’s why each frame comes with fully custom geometry, components, and even paint job. The boundaries are endless to what you can make your bike look like. We will work with you through each step to make sure we make the bike look good. Choose from simple sharp looking one color paint jobs, two color fades, or multi-color custom designs.
  •  STEP 1: Choose number of colors. prices vary
  •  STEP 2: Choose color or colors
  •  STEP 3: Discuss options with Paketa sales manager
  •  STEP 4: We will do a digital mock up of the design and submit to you for review. see samples below.
  •  STEP 5: Adjust design until it looks like your dream bike. (more than three changes in digital design will incur extra fees)

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