Designed and crafted entirely in the USA


Paketa Cycles have been based in Boulder, Colorado, since the company’s birth in 2001. Boulder’s rich cycling heritage and extensive depth of both riders and technical cycling experts makes it the ideal place for us to design and test our proprietary extruded- and TIG-welded magnesium frames. The last two years have been all about testing, refining and delivering the first truly available magnesium bikes in the world. It wasn’t an easy road, but we never thought trying to revolutionize what bikes are made of, and exactly how to do that, would be. Why go to all the trouble? Well, when you try a Paketa, you’ll see for yourself. Riding is believing!

We invite you to “step outside of the box” and see just how much better a Paketa is than any other bike in the world. That’s a bold statement, we know, but we aren’t about being subtle. If you value ride quality as much as light weight and good looks, magnesium will force you to re-evaluate what bicycle frames should be made of.

 The next step is getting you on our bikes . Let us know what we need to do to make that happen so you too can “Ride the Revolution!”

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