The Paketa Rocket Venus Road Racing Bike for Women

Engineered to meet the needs of the woman cyclist

Frameset Price: $3350

  • Custom geometry for the perfect fit
  • Custom tubeset based on rider
  • Stronger than carbon fiber and aluminum with the comfort of titanium
  • Complete bikes as low as 13.5 lbs
  • Stiff and lively frame for aggressive road racing
  • Phenomenal strength to weight ratio
  • 1-4 color custom paint jobs
For women athletes, four qualities of a bike seem to be the most important: weight, fit, ride quality, and looks. The Rocket Venus is specifically engineered to meet the needs of competitive female cyclists. Paketa’s specialty V9 tubeset, with its ovalized smaller diameter tubing and thinner walls, allows us to build complete bikes as light as 13.5 pounds with high-end components. No other bicycle can compete in weight with the Paketa Venus. With our custom fitting and geometry, women cyclists don’t have to settle for a carbon fiber bike with stock geometry. Now you can ride a light weight bike designed to your body and riding style.

When talking ride-quality, there is no comparison to a Paketa. Our exclusive double-butted magnesium tubesets dampen vibration better than any other frame material on the market without the “dead” feeling you get from a carbon bike. A Paketa custom bike offers a stiff yet amazingly comfortable and lively ride. Combine super light weight, custom fit, superior ride quality, and Paketa’s fully customized multi-color paint options and the result is the ultimate in performance women’s cycling.  It’s unlike anything you have ever ridden before.

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