Paketa Custom

Paketa frames are built using a modified compact geometry with  5 degree sloping top tube or a full compact geometry  with a 11 degree sloping top tube. To accommodate oversized tubing, the seat and head tubes need to be a little longer. We’ve accounted for that by increasing the top tube length slightly; making sure that the frame is balanced and proportional. This also allows Paketa frames to retain the classic look of a horizontal top tube. Contact a dealer to make that perfect racing, TT, triathlon or just plain riding bike for you!

Frame Color:                                              

  • Anthrite Metalic
  • Matte Black
  • Blue Metalic
  • Purple Metalic
  • Red
  • Silver Metalic
  • Green Metalic

Decal Color:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Navy
  • White


Dealer Inquiries

Dealer Inquiries

We here at Paketa Bikes are actively looking to set up new dealers around the country. We will protect the value of the brand by first protecting your territory, to the extent you desire, and that we can agree is reasonable. We will not sell directly to anyone in the territory that we establish with you, and our customer service department will refer any prospective customers to your shop, and let you make the sale. We will always maintain our MSRP for the Paketa Rocket frame and fork, no matter where the customer is. We hope to have a chance to pursue this with you. We hope to set up a dealer network in the USA that allows us to end web sales entirely in 2004.


Paketa will ship all orders, freight free, within 24 hours of the order being placed, anywhere in the continental US. Orders that require special service will be billed at actual shipping cost, minus $25. We will insure all shipments, at actual value, to limit any risk.

Quantity Discounts

Paketa is excited to grow with you, and we offer quantity discounts of $50/per frame and fork on any one order of three frames, shipped. We also offer a $75/per frame discount on any one order of five frames, shipped.

How to Order

Ordering from Paketa is as easy as it gets. Simply log onto our website at or e-mail your inquiry to Our customer service team will respond to your order or inquiry in less than 24 hours.

Paketa Dealer Policies

1. Dealer Types

  • Type A Dealer: Offers the full line of Paketa Custom bikes. Type A dealers must have a retail store front.
  • Type T Dealer: Is a Tandem specific dealership that offers the Paketa V2 racing tandem. Retail store front required.
  • Type F Dealer: Is a Bike Fit specialist and is a commission based dealer. Retail store is not required.

2. Area: There will only be one dealer of each type in a city or metro area.
3. Eligibility

Type A Dealers (Retail bike store)

  • Must have a retail store front
  • Must have liability insurance
  • Must be a privately owned shop and not part of a corporate chain
  • Must have 5 credit references in the bicycle industry

Type T Dealers (Tandems)

  • Must have a retail store front
  • Must have liability insurance
  • Must be a privately owned shop and not part of a corporate chain
  • Must have 5 credit references in the bicycle industry

Type F Dealers (Bike fit specialist)

  • Must be a bike fit specialist.
  • Must be a limited liablity company or corporation. Sole proprietors are not eligible.
  • Cannot sell through an online shopping cart. In person sales only.

4. Pricing

  • Paketa Dealer pricing applies to type A and Type T dealers.
  • Type F dealers are commission based.
  • Prices and commissions are subject to change.

5. Minimum orders

  • Type A dealers buy at least one of each type of bike that will be sold in shop per year.
  • Type  T dealers must purchase at least one V2 tandem frame per year.
  • Type F dealers have no minimum order
  • Type A dealers must have one road bike and one mountain bike available for customers to test ride. The demo bikes may count as the minimum order
  • Type T dealers must have at least one V2 tandem available for customers to test ride. The demo bike may count as the minimum order.

While we do each frame fully custom for your customer, it is important to have a bike available to test ride. Our bikes have an extremely smooth and comfortable ride quality that amazes everyone that rides one. Once an avid cyclist rides one of our bikes, they will want one!

6. Direct Sales

  • Paketa Cycles reserves the right to sell directly to end consumers.
  • If a customer resides in the metro area of one of our Type A or Type T dealers, Paketa will refer the customer to the local dealer.

Dealer Policy

Now you can offer your customers unique high performance and lightweight custom bikes without a large investment in inventory. Paketa custom bikes are made of magnesium which offers the smoothest ride quality of any bike frame material. Our bikes are custom built from the ground up for each customer making it a perfect fit everytime. Our two road bike models, the Rocket and Scud, provide you with the flexibility to fit any size or type of rider. Since they are fully custom from geometry to paint job, your customer will get the exact bike they want. The Wac Corporal mountain bike is the only fully customizeable mountain bike on the market. Customers can customize every aspect of the bike including geometry, wheel-size, paint job, and componentry. The V2 tandem is the most high performance tandem in the world with complete bikes weighing as low as 23 pounds. We also make cross and track bikes that fit and perform unlike any other bike out there.

The most important feaure of our bikes is the ride quality. Once your customer rides a Paketa, they will immediately feel the difference between it and another bike. It’s important to have a demo bike available for customers to ride. Other than demo bikes, Paketa has no minimum order requirements to be a dealer. We do each frame to order, and we have very quick turnaround times. We only authorize one dealer of each type in a single metro area or city, so you can be sure that offering Paketa custom bikes will set you apart from all other shops in your area. See the dealer policies for more information. 

Road Frame Spec

  • Bottom bracket width – 68mm
  • Bottom bracket thread – BSA
  • 1 1/8″ Head tube – 34mm
  • Chain stays length – 405mm
  • Wheels – 700c
  • Rear dropout Spacing – 130mm
  • Front derailleur clamp 31.9mm
  • Both Down Tube and Top Tube butted
  • Horizontal top tube
  • Replaceable rear derailleur hanger
  • Seat post size – 27.2mm
Frame ST mm ST mm TT mm HT angle ST angle BB Drop HT mm Fork Rake
Size C-Top C-C C-C Degrees Degrees mm Length mm
48 520* 480 495 72.5 74.5 50 95* 40
50 540* 500 520 72.5 74.5 73 110* 45
52 560* 520 535 73 74 73 125* 45
54 580* 540 555 73 73 66 145* 45
56 600* 560 570 73 73 66 165* 45
58 620* 580 585 73 73 66 185* 45
60 640* 600 600 73 73 66 205* 45
  • Note: * indicates approximate dimensions that may be adjusted for manufacturing efficiencies
  • Frame size = distance from bottom bracket center to top tube top
  • 48 cm frame size built for 650C wheels


Frame DT mm ST TT mm HT BB CS mm SS mm
Size bi-oval mm oval mm mm oval&conical oval&conical
48 50×38 31.8×1.9 33 round 42×33.9 42 32×16-17×16 21×16-17×16
50 50×38 31.8×1.9 41×33 40×33.9 42 32×16-17×16 21×16-17×16
52 50×38 31.8×1.9 41×33 40×33.9 42 32×16-17×16 21×16-17×16
54 62×38 31.8×1.9 41×33 40×33.9 42 32×16-17×16 27×16-17×16
56 62×38 31.8×1.9 41×33 40×33.9 42 32×16-17×16 27×16-17×16
58 62×38 31.8×1.9 41×33 40×33.9 42 32×16-17×16 27×16-17×16
60 62×38 31.8×1.9 41×33 40×33.9 42 32×16-17×16 27×16-17×16
Frame weight weight Frame weight weight
Size grams lbs. Size grams lbs.
48 1050* 2.31* 56 1250* 2.75*
50 1100* 2.42* 58 1300* 2.86*
52 1150* 2.53* 60 1350* 2.97*
54 1200* 2.64* Note: * Approximate weight



CNC machined from 7075 light alloy
Compatible with Shimano 4 arm spider.
Finish: silver anodized arms and black spider
International Spline Interface Standard (ISIS Drive)
Self-extracting fixing bolt system
Fitted with FRM chainrings (44.32.22T).
CNC machined from 7075.
Shot penned and black anodized
P.C.D.: 104-64 mm
Length: 170-172,5-175-177,5-180 mm
Chainline: 47,5 mm
Q Factor: 160 mm
Compatible with Shimano 9s.
Weight complete of rings and fixing bolts: 580 g.
Weight complete of FRM ISIS bottom bracket: 720 g.
Weight saving compared to XTR set-up: 180 g.


Light alloy or titanium axle
Turns freely on 2 sealed ball bearings
Alloy cups and lock-rings
Axle length:
113 mm
139 g (7075) 143 g (titanium)


Lightweight, simple and strong. Titanium axle
Available length: JIS 107 – 110 – 115 mm
Alloy cups and lockrings
English (68 mm) or Italian (70 mm) thread
Turns freely on 2 sealed bearings
Weight: 145 gr
Weight saving compared to XT:100 gr

Machined from 7075 light alloy
8 mm Allen hex
Antiloosening system with external O-Rings
Weight saving compared to steel bolts:
16 g

A-SET 1 1/8″
Needle bearings for strength and lightness
Replaceable expander-plug for fine setting of headset play
Colour: silver or black
Weight: 85 g + 25 g Expander-Plug
C-SET 1 1/8″
Smaller dimensions compared
to the year 2001 model
3 O-Ring seals make it totally waterproof
New sealed bearings in stainless steel ACB 36° type
Colour: silver or black.
Weight: 82 gr + 25 gr Expander-Plug


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Carbon composite
Alluminium end for easy
installation of bar ends
Length: 56,5 cm
Weight:100 g
The original and most copied shape
Since 1998. Still the best

CNC machined from 7075 light alloy
1 1/8″ bore with sleeve for 1″ steerers
Reversible +/- 7
Colour: silver or black anodized
Length: 90-100-110-120-130-140 mm
Weight: 135 gr (120 mm)

Key Benefits

  • 1. Magnesium is very light. It is 34% lighter than aluminum, 50% lighter than titanium, and 4 times lighter than steel. Lighter frames are the winners in quick acceleration and climbing hills. They are also easier to steer than heavy frames.  Magnesium has the highest strength to weight ratio among all the materials used in the bicycle industry. Which means – more strength for the same amount of weight.
  • Magnesium tubes are stiff. Big diameter oval and round tubes are stiff and have very good resistance to non-axial loads. Stiff tubes provide better power transfer, so that less energy is lost. Also stiffer tubes make frame more responsive and easier to handle, gives you more confidence in your power over the bike.  Magnesium has very good damping qualities. Quick damping provides more comfortable and relaxed ride, so that you can remain fresh and strong longer.
  • Magnesium frames are excellent in resisting to static and dynamic loads. Frames do not have permanent deformation under loads of 800-1000 kg (1760-2200 lb.).  Our extruded magnesium tubes are non-galling and will not crack. Our frames have excellent durability and safety with practically no notch and fatigue memory. Extremely low fatigue memory means our magnesium frames last a long time and have a low notch memory, which is where some metals will fail after high impacts.  Magnesium is ecologically clean material. One cubic meter of sea water contains 1.3 kg of magnesium (1 cubic feet of sea water = 0.08 lb. of magnesium).  Our Magnesium alloy is highly impact and dent resistant.
Chemical copmosition: Mg (magnesium) 94 %
Other additives ® 6 %
Physical properties: Density: 1.79 g/cm3
Coefficient of thermal expansion: 27 x 10 K
Modulus of elasticity: 43 x 103 MPa
Damping index: 2
Tensile properties: 0.2 % proof stress: 200-220 MPa
Tensile strength: 280-320 MPa
Elongation: 8-15%
Fatigue Properties (minimum values): Unnotched: 110 MPa (5×10 cycles)
Unnotched: 140 MPa (1×10 cycles)
Notched: 100 MPa (5×10 cycles)
Notched: 110 MPa (1×10 cycles)


OBLIGATIONS: In case of defects, FRM pledge to replace or repair, at their discretion, the part recognized as defective.

To be accepted, the rider complaint must be communicated to FRM through the dealer/importer after his own control.
If FRM after sales checking reveals that the damage is due to one of the reasons mentioned in the following paragraph, the replacement is no longer accepted and the defective item is sent back to the plaintiff who supports the shipping fees.
LIMITATIONS: The guarantee does not cover damage resulting from transportation, warehousing, accidents, negligence, impact or falls, non-compliance with the information in the instruction manuals, assembly errors, assembly using non-compatible products, bad maintenance, modifications or alterations to the product.
The guarantee does not cover parts and components subject to normal wear and tear such as ball bearings, bushings, seals, etc.

Featured Product

Paketa road racing frames are light, stiff, and fast! Thousands of road kilometers determined Paketa’s exclusive geometry, and years of experience have gone into perfecting the proprietary manufacturing processes. All this adds up to one thing: A frame light enough for the high mountains, aero enough for solo breaks, and stiff enough for bunch sprints. Framesets Include: – Paketa’s robust carbon fork with 1 1/8″ carbon steerer tube; for razor-sharp corning and descending – FRM C-Set sealed bearing headset (installed) – Seatpost clamp (special offset design for carbon seatposts) – Bottom Bracket shell faced and chased, ready for build-up! – Replaceable aluminum rear derailleur hanger