About Magnesium

It’s no secret amongst the inner sanctum of bicycle frame builders and designers around the world that magnesium will make an amazing material to ride. First though, a few key issues needed to be overcome. How to extrude the perfect magnesium tube, weld the tubes correctly, and fine-tune the ride qualities were some of the key challenges. We have done just that, after 2 years of hard work. Magnesium is the lightest structural metal currently known to exist in the world. It is approximately 32 percent lighter than aluminum and 50% lighter than titanium, for example. Just a few of the other advantages that magnesium offers are: very good fatigue resistance, and a much smoother ride than any other material out there, due to magnesium’s exceptional damping qualities.

Damping is a measure of the rate at which unforced vibration disappears, due to the properties of the metal. Because of the fact that magnesium has the highest known damping characteristics of any structural metal, the ride is amazing. Vibration from the road literally disappears with-in the structure of the frame, and never reaches the rider. Being able to ride longer, and feel less fatigue are the direct benefits. A high damping capacity is directly useful in the sport of cycling. For this same reason, magnesium is used in the high tech world of missile’s and space exploration, as they have discovered that magnesium offers the best platform to mount sensitive electronic equipment, as it is so “quiet”.

The largest indirect benefit of magnesium might be even more important. Because of the fact that vibration is not transferred though the frame, the fatigue life is nearly immeasurable. What does that mean? A magnesium bike will keep the exceptional initial ride qualities longer than anything else available on the market today. Because thicker tubing walls are used without a weight penalty, other properties improve. In the same way that a lawnmower engine casing is made of magnesium, rather than steel because the magnesium walls are thicker, and resistance to rocks being thrown from the rotor greatly improves. This is why a magnesium framed bicycle can be of a lighter weight, and still be more rugged and serviceable against abuse than the same frame, made of another, more dense material. Talk about the perfect bicycle frame material! The real proof comes after you throw a leg over one of our bikes. The ride is amazingly smooth, but the frame is also stiff, and light. With the Paketa Rocket, the perfect ratio of weight, stiffness and ride quality is obtained.

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