Key Benefits

  • 1. Magnesium is very light. It is 34% lighter than aluminum, 50% lighter than titanium, and 4 times lighter than steel. Lighter frames are the winners in quick acceleration and climbing hills. They are also easier to steer than heavy frames.  Magnesium has the highest strength to weight ratio among all the materials used in the bicycle industry. Which means – more strength for the same amount of weight.
  • Magnesium tubes are stiff. Big diameter oval and round tubes are stiff and have very good resistance to non-axial loads. Stiff tubes provide better power transfer, so that less energy is lost. Also stiffer tubes make frame more responsive and easier to handle, gives you more confidence in your power over the bike.  Magnesium has very good damping qualities. Quick damping provides more comfortable and relaxed ride, so that you can remain fresh and strong longer.
  • Magnesium frames are excellent in resisting to static and dynamic loads. Frames do not have permanent deformation under loads of 800-1000 kg (1760-2200 lb.).  Our extruded magnesium tubes are non-galling and will not crack. Our frames have excellent durability and safety with practically no notch and fatigue memory. Extremely low fatigue memory means our magnesium frames last a long time and have a low notch memory, which is where some metals will fail after high impacts.  Magnesium is ecologically clean material. One cubic meter of sea water contains 1.3 kg of magnesium (1 cubic feet of sea water = 0.08 lb. of magnesium).  Our Magnesium alloy is highly impact and dent resistant.
Chemical copmosition: Mg (magnesium) 94 %
Other additives ® 6 %
Physical properties: Density: 1.79 g/cm3
Coefficient of thermal expansion: 27 x 10 K
Modulus of elasticity: 43 x 103 MPa
Damping index: 2
Tensile properties: 0.2 % proof stress: 200-220 MPa
Tensile strength: 280-320 MPa
Elongation: 8-15%
Fatigue Properties (minimum values): Unnotched: 110 MPa (5×10 cycles)
Unnotched: 140 MPa (1×10 cycles)
Notched: 100 MPa (5×10 cycles)
Notched: 110 MPa (1×10 cycles)


OBLIGATIONS: In case of defects, FRM pledge to replace or repair, at their discretion, the part recognized as defective.

To be accepted, the rider complaint must be communicated to FRM through the dealer/importer after his own control.
If FRM after sales checking reveals that the damage is due to one of the reasons mentioned in the following paragraph, the replacement is no longer accepted and the defective item is sent back to the plaintiff who supports the shipping fees.
LIMITATIONS: The guarantee does not cover damage resulting from transportation, warehousing, accidents, negligence, impact or falls, non-compliance with the information in the instruction manuals, assembly errors, assembly using non-compatible products, bad maintenance, modifications or alterations to the product.
The guarantee does not cover parts and components subject to normal wear and tear such as ball bearings, bushings, seals, etc.

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