Magnesium does not carry an increased risk of corrosion.
Magnesium bicycle frame care

 Paketa has had almost no bikes returned with signs of corrosion since we began building bikes back in 2001. It’s true that bare magnesium can corrode, just like steel and some aluminum alloys, but a properly coated and cared for Magnesium frame will not have a higher chance of corroding than other materials. To test the corrosion potential of a magnesium bike, we built up a demo bike that was completely unpainted, bare magnesium. JP, the owner and framebuilder, has been riding this bike to work everyday for 3 years with no signs of corrosion.
rocket unpainted
This frame has been on the road for three years. No paint, no coating of any kind, and no corrosion whatsoever. During the three years, it has been ridden in rain and snow, and left out in the rain a couple of times. Even in those conditions, no corrosion. Magnesium that is bare can corrode, so we powder coat or paint all of our frames and coat the inside of the frame with CorrosionX. We use these precautions to make sure our customers don’t have corrosion issues. Paketa riders can also take extra care of their bike to make sure it doesn’t happen. First of all, keep your bike inside and dry. If you ride in the rain, make sure no water is sitting inside the frame. This simple care is congruent for all types of bikes. Second, spray Framesaver or Corrosion X inside the frame once a year just as you would a steel frame.  In general you don’t need to be concerned with corrosion, and following these simple care guidelines will keep your frame free of corrosion for years to come.
 Care Guidelines: Follow these guidelines to help your custom Paketa Bike frame last many many years.
  • keep your bike inside and dry. towel dry to remove water or sweat.
  • hang your bike upside down with the seatpost removed regularly, or after contact with water or lot’s of sweat.
  • spray corrosionX or framesaver inside the frame regularly. Tilt the frame around in different directions to allow the fluid to coa the inside.
  • ANNUAL – we recommend removing the crank and bottom bracket once a season. With the bottom bracket removed, you can spray corrosionX inside the tubes through the holes into the BBshell. It is also good for the BB shell to be cleaned and re-greased for insertion of the bottom bracket. This is also a good time to replace your bottom bracket cups.
  • Use auto touch-up paint to seal any scratches or chips in the powder coating.
  • Examine your frame after every ride for damage of any kind.
rocket unpainted

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